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Dependable Residential Roofing for Virginia

We’re proud to bring the same commitment of superior quality workmanship to the impeccable installation of every type of residential roof design, including classic slate and tile, modern synthetic slate and architectural shingle. As a local residential roofing contractor, we have been trusted for over nineteen years to deliver quick and flawless roofing Virginia Beach residents. Contact us if you are in need of a roof repair for your residence, or if you are interested in installing a new residential roof.

Residential Roofing Materials

Before the introduction of the modern asphalt shingle people used whatever materials were locally available and worked reasonably well for shielding their dwelling from the elements. Everything from mud covered straw to palm fronds, cedar shakes, sod, slate, and clay tiles have been used as well as countless other materials. The first asphalt composite roofing was introduced around 1840 when C.M. Warren Company installed the first roof of its type in England. Less than one hundred years later not only had the product evolved from a rolled form to tiles, it had transformed into the 3-tab style that is still in use in residential roofing installation today.

A wide variety in colors and styles available from various manufacturers, in addition to its proven ability to reliably protect structures from the elements for years following the initial installation make this the most popular type of roofing installation for our customers. We have a nearly endless variety of colors and styles to choose from, and rely on only the best and most trusted manufacturers in the industry to provide you with an unmatched end-product that beautifully marries a professional, detailed roofing installation with superior roofing products.

We offer the best value in the business hands-down when it comes to roofing Virginia Beach and surrounding areas, including roofing Chesapeake VA, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at what our thoroughly satisfied customers have to say, or check out our Angie’s List Super Service Award. Ask for a FREE, no-obligation quote today.

Residential Roof Replacement When You Need It

Too many people postpone a roof replacement as long as possible, but this can lead to problems in the long run, and may end up costing more to fix. Exposure to the elements over time will quickly destroy wood decking, rafters and other structures that lie beneath the protective layer of shingles on your roof. Compromised roofing material may also lead to leaks that can damage ceilings and walls, leading to costly interior repairs as well. The best time to have a roof installed is when you can plan ahead.

Don’t wait until you have an emergency roofing crisis that will interrupt you entire schedule because it demands your attention at the most inopportune time. Call or fill out the quote request form to get an estimate today and save yourself the headache and expense that additional repairs will create.